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So what is this headline you ask? Well there are many poker sites out there to play at and we want to make sure you pick a good one. Most poker sites can be trusted, but we have taken the time to make sure you play at some of the most trusted online poker sites out there. One of the first things we look at here at 4deucespoker is how long an online poker site has been in business. Obviously the longer the history the better. Typically if an online poker site has been in business for a while there payouts and withdrawals happen very quickly. This is very important to most poker players. They want to be able to get their money fast and without any problems. They also treat their customers very well. Here are some of the ones we recommend.

Our most trusted online poker site is Winner Poker. They have been in business since 2009 and also have a casino, bingo, and a sportsbook. Their customer service is excellent and their and they pride themselves on easy deposits and fast withdrawals. Winner poker is a great place for an excellent online gaming experience. Winner Poker does not accept players from the United States.

Our most trusted online poker site that accepts players from the United States is PokerHost. They also accept players from abroad so there is always a great mix of players online at anytime. PokerHost has been in business since 2005 which is a long time for an online poker room. As an USA player you can use your credit card to deposit and they offer the fastest withdrawals of all USA poker sites.

Our third and final poker site that we will recommend in this article is BetOnline. BetOnline accepts players from all over the world including the United States. They also have a casino and sportsbook. This makes them a very popular place for American players. Having been in business since 2001 they fall into the category of most trusted online poker sites to play at. Visit our website to see all the details on these three sites and others.

Featured Poker Sites

6 Figure Bad Beat Jackpot

Have you ever suffered a bad beat in poker? We bet you did, and you probably went home shouting and kicking because you lost what you thought was a sure thing. Well, if you decide to sit at the BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot tables, you will never go home feeling like that again, because all players leave the table with some greens in their pockets, especially the ones that get a bad beat. To join this action, gamers need to be real money players, sitting with a Bad Beat Jackpot tag next to their names. Four or more players are required to sit at one table and dealt in a hand for the jackpot to become active.

Picture this scenario: You are playing online poker and holding 4 of a kind Jacks or better, you are completely sure you are winning the hand this time, but, alas, someone has a better hand than you. Don’t start screaming just yet, because, thanks to the Bad Beat Jackpot, you and everyone else at that particular table will share a six-figure jackpot!

How is that possible, you wonder? Simple, because, thanks to this amazing promo offered by BetOnline, all players will be winners. The gamer with a bad beat will get 35% of the jackpot, the winner of the hand will go home with the won amount and add an extra 17.5% from the pot, while the rest of the players will split 17.5% among themselves. The rest of the money, or the remaining 30%, will be transferred to the next Bad Beat Jackpot.

Due to the fact that this is a progressive Jackpot, you will never know the exact figure that will end up in your pockets. For example, the first Bad Beat Jackpot that was taken in February went up to whopping $392,000! Now, there’s a figure everyone would like to take home! The next one will certainly be even bigger, so more than enough reasons for you to click here and visit the BetOnline, to join the action this instance.

With BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpots, players will never again have to worry that they will go home with empty pockets, since the Bad Beat Jackpot will put a nice sum in their hands, which can be used on their next visit. There aren’t plenty of poker tables where everybody wins their share, even if they don’t have a strong hand.

BetOnline has been around for a very long time, since 1991 actually. Up until now, their presence in the online gaming and poker community has been very significant, since they deliver exciting and dynamic gaming experience to their loyal customers. Their customer service is exceptional, having one of the best reputations in the industry. If you are looking for fast payouts and generous bonuses, than BetOnline is the right place for you. See our full BetOnline Poker review for more details and to sign up as a new player.

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888Poker Live Tournament Schedule

Thanks to the success of 888Live events in London and Rozvadov, one of the fastest-growing online poker sites in the world is preparing an excellent road trip in 2017. 888Poker wants to become a bigger part of the crowded live tournament circuit and expand their army of customers. Up until now, three live events have been scheduled, and will take place in Barcelona, Sao Paolo and London.

If you have some business in Barcelona this May, you might consider staying for a while, because the biggest 888Live tour in 888Poker history will take place in the capital city of Catalonia. This is why 888Poker teamed up with Main Event Travel, to secure safe travels and stays during the tour. The warm-up will start with an 888 Local festival in April, just to heat things up before the main event starts.et their part of the market in South America, so expect to see the 888Live tour in Sao Paolo this August.

We all know that Brazilians are absolutely nuts for enormous live tournaments, which is why 888Poker wants to g

The 888Live series will end in London, and 888Poker prepared a whole series of different events to finish the year in style, offering lots of cool treats to both high and low rollers. For this endeavor, they will use the help of Aspers Casino in Strafford.

As for the 888Local we already mentioned in the beginning, the Festival will open door for business in April in Barcelona, serving as a warm-up for the 888Live main event in May, but after that it will move to Aspers, where it will be located in May, moving on to Dublin in June, and returning to Spain, but this time in Madrid, where it will stay during July. Vienna is scheduled for September, while the final two gigs are booked in London, in November and December.

We don’t need to tell you who Dominik Nitsche, Kara Scott, Sofia Lovgren, Chris Moorman, Natalie Hof, and Parker Talbot are, but we do need to tell you that you will have the chance to see them during most of the 888Live events, and probably at some 888Local events. Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi, Niall Farrell, and Antonio Esfandiari appeared in some of the previous events, so we do expect to see them in some of the upcoming tournaments. It is entirely up to you where you will decide to join this amazing tour, but our advice would be that you don’t wait too long to get your share of the action.

888Poker has thousands of loyal customers across the globe, and this army of followers is growing fast, mostly because they offer top-notch online poker software available across all platforms. One account allows gamers to experience the best poker games across all devices, thanks to their innovative gaming platform. To play online, see either our 888Poker review or see all the poker reviews we offer to find the online poker site which suits your needs.


Online Poker – What You Need To Know

If you are thinking about signing up to play poker online at one of the many card rooms that accept players from the United States there are a few things that you should know. We are going to touch on the most important ones in this article.

The first thing you want to do is find out which online poker sites accept American players. There are still a lot that do and some that don’t. Back before 2011 there were many online poker sites that accepted players from the United States, including Pokerstars and Full Tilt, but you can’t play there anymore. Some of the best online poker rooms for American players now include BetOnline, PokerHost, and America’s Card Room. These are the top 3 currently for American players.

Once you have figured this out, and we just helped you with it, you’ll want to check out their signup bonuses. This is very important as they vary from site to site. The signup bonuses are typically paid out to you in increments as you play which means sometimes you can be playing rake free or close to it. Currently the three sites that we mentioned above are all offering great signup bonuses. Visit our poker bonus page today to see for yourself and decide which one is best for you.

Another thing that is important is to see what methods of deposits they accept. For example if you wish to deposit by credit card some do a better job than others getting your card accepted. You can find this information easily on our reviews page of the different online poker sites. Another thing that might be of interest to you is if the online poker site offers other games. They all offer different card games, but some also offer a sportsbook or casino. This could be very important to you as you decide where to play.

There are many things to consider and we have all the answers to your questions. Good luck to you at the poker table.


USA Online Poker Rooms

There are still places to play online poker if you live in the United States. We all know that is it not like 2006 when Party Poker was booming along with online poker. Neither is it like 2010 when Pokerstars and Full Tilt had over 200,000 players online at the same time during peak hours. No one is going to pretend that the current days are like the good old days. They are not. Now having said that, that doesn’t mean that you cannot play online poker here in the United States. The good news is you can. And here are some online poker rooms where you can:

BetOnline has some of the looses players online that you will find. It is a site that has sports betting, cansinos, and horse racing among other things. And yes they have a poker room as well. Many people will bet on sports and then play poker while their games are going on often not paying too much attention to their poker game. This gives you a chance to take advantage of the situation.

Another card room that accepts american players is PokerHost. We highly recommend this site and they have a reload bonus on every deposit. That means you can basically be playing with a bonus at all times. This is very important in the long run and a great thing for players.

Americas Card Room is another site that accepts players from the United States. They also have some of the loosest players and they have a bad beat jackpot. This gives the players a chance to hit a big jackpot anytime they are playing.

So even though these are not the gold old days online poker is alive for the american player. There is still money to be made now go out there and get it!

Featured Poker Sites

Weekly Tournaments at Americas Card Room

Americas Card Room ReviewAmericas Cardroom, one of the most popular and reliable online poker rooms accepting players from the USA, offers a variety of new online tournament with a guaranteed weekly prize pool of $500,000. The online poker tournaments are organized on a daily basis with the full schedule available and regularly updated on the website. The new tournament schedule has been launched for each day of the week and it looks like this:

Manic Monday is set for anyone who wishes to join in the online poker action on Monday in the fight for a share of a guaranteed pool prize of over $100,000. On top of that Mondays schedule will include a Super Knock Out PLO.

Extreme Tuesdays feature extreme prizes with bigger prize pools and a $200+$15 buy-in $40,000 guaranteed prize pool. Play in this tournament every Tuesday at 6:30pm ET.

High Stakes Wednesday is made for high rollers with a guaranteed prize pool of $20,000 in the High Roller Event and an early bird $50,000 GDT event. High rollers can take a chance on $1,050 buy-in Cage Event.

Phat Thursdays is a chance to give a little boost to your bank account. Every Thursday a $66 buy-in event is open for the prize pool of over $30,000. Players can also make use of the Super Knockout with a $15,000 guaranteed prize pool and a late night $4k 8-Max event.

Friday Fun is a perfect way to kick start your weekend winning spirit by taking part in a $55 buy-in for the guaranteed prize pool of $35,000. Also find a $22 buy-in $1,000 guaranteed Final Table Experience. This is a one of a kind tournament where the players get a starting stack of 1 million. It starts every Friday at 4pm ET so mark your calendar.

Saturday Twelve Pack is an upgrade of the Saturday Six-Pack tournament which now comes with additional online poker events and more chances to put your poker skills to the test. The main event on Saturday is a $320 buy-in Super Knockout PLO 8 tournament with a guaranteed pool prize of $15,000.

Sunday Mania is the climax of the tourney week. The main reason for joining in Sunday online poker action at Americas Cardroom is definitely the $150,000 GDT Sunday Special and a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 in a Warm-up tournament. On top of that there is also $35,000 GTD PLO Sunday Special.

Americas Cardroom has made sure to offer plenty of action for any online poker player, especially USA poker players who are allowed to play on their website. In case you are new to Americas Cardroom make sure to use their sign-up bonus. Use any of our links and claim a 100% Match up to $1,000. See our Americas Card Room review for more information and use any link to visit the poker room and sign up as a new player.


Quick Tips for Playing Online Poker

Poker is a skill-based game and, while like all other casino games it contains an element of luck, making the right decisions has a huge impact on whether you win or lose long term. That’s why knowing the rules and odds of the game you’re about to play is of utmost importance. If you’re just getting started and want to know how to increase your chances of winning, have a look at the tips presented below. While nobody in the world can guarantee you’ll win each and every single hand, these tips will certainly help you perform better and hopefully walk away with more cash than you had to start with.

Play Within Your Bankroll

First thing to do is decide what is the amount of cash you can afford to lose. This is not to say you should start playing expecting to end up with zero, but might impact how much money you’ll bring to the table, as well as help decide which table to choose. If you believe parting with $100 won’t bring you down to tears, set that amount as your loss limit and play $2 or $5 games, rather than $20 ones.

Start Small

Begin by playing low-stakes poker and a single table. This will allow you to prolong the game and focus on your actions and their results, both enabling you to learn. There’s plenty of time to „upgrade“ and play fast and for big bucks. If you’re playing against others, be aware that high-limit tables attract more experienced and skilled poker players, and that’s surely not the environment you want to be in when new to the game.

Limit Distractions

When playing for real money, every hand and every decision matters, and making even small mistakes costs you money. You need to stay 100% focused 100% of the time, so make sure there are no distracting elements in your environment (TV, music, other people…) that would prevent you from maintaining your concentration. If you feel your thoughts moving to a different subject, take a break before resuming your game. It will still be there after half an hour, don’t worry.

Choose a Game and Master It

With so many poker variants out there, it might be tempting to start jumping from one to another. Don’t do it. If you stick to one game for a longer period of time, you’ll get to learn it faster. And you’ll maintain focus, as mentioned above.

Be Selective When Choosing Which Hands to Play

Many new poker players fall into a trap of playing too many hands, too often starting weak and hoping the next card will change everything. Just because something can happen, it doesn’t mean it will. If you enter the pot with a better hand more frequently (than other players), you’ll also win it more often. Unless you’re playing live and have the opportunity to bluff your opponents into thinking you’re holding a valuable combo, be more selective about which hands to play. A computer cannot be bluffed.

Don’t Continue Betting Just Because You’re Already In

A common mistake beginners make is persisting in playing a hand just because they’ve already put lots of money into the pot. You will not win by throwing bad money after good, so judge your odds objectively before deciding to proceed. To be able to do that, apart from staying focused, you need to know the odds inside out. The longer you play, the easier it will be, but you might want to have a cheat sheet and/or an odds calculator handy.

Don’ Get Too Emotional

Whether you win or lose, keep cool. Emotional play often results in bad decisions and money lost. Getting ecstatic after winning big could entice you to proceed by betting recklessly. Becoming depressed or worried after you lose could send you chasing your losses – a bad, bad practice whichever online casino game is concerned.

There’s More to Life than Poker

We get it, you love the game and so do we. While indulging your passion occasionally, or even on a more regular basis can be a good thing, living and breathing poker 24 hours a day certainly is not. Set your playing schedule and stick to it. The rest of the time should be dedicated to other valuable things in life – your family and friends, sports, others form of entertainment, your work and, let’s not forget, sleep. The healthier your body and mind are, the better poker player you’ll be.

Poker is a hugely exciting game which can and does make some people winners. Don’t make a mistake thinking it’s a matter of luck. Those who win (consistently) have almost certainly played tens of thousands of hands, learnt the rules by heart, and keep all the above in mind every single second during the game. You are not necessarily in it to win fortunes, but the game will certainly be more enjoyable if you don’t lose every time you play. So play smart, and don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

To get started playing online poker see the USA poker sites we recommend. These poker sites have outstanding reputations for fair play and easy banking options. You can always rest assured your money is safe and when you request a withdraw from any of our recommended poker sites you will receive in a timely manner.


PokerStars Championship Bahamas Winners

There are four days left until the end of the hottest poker tournament taking place at the Bahamas, sponsored by PokerStars. Previously known as PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) this year the Championship returns to Atlantis Resort in Nassau. All poker fans whether they prefer online poker or live action at the table will definitely be interested to see world pro players in action. The events are broadcast live on PokerStars TV, while the fans of the game can also read about the Championship on PokerStarsBlog.

On Monday Bryan Kenney managed to grab the prize of $969,075 at the 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas $50,000 Single-Day High Roller beating the competition of 69 entries competing for the share in the prize pool of over $3 million. The tournament started at noon with 40 players, only to see 20 re-entries until the end at 10 p.m. In the end there were nine finalists left, with the unfortunate Ukrainian Oleksii Kohoroshenin going out through the money bubble. At that point, the man of the day, Bryan Kenney was at the bottom of the table but in only a couple of hours he managed to fight his way to the top, ahead of Mustapha Kanit who came in second and earned $695,740. Kenney starts the year in big style with over $1 million and a trophy, while 612 Card Player of The Year (POY) points make him the first on the Card Player POY board with 762 POY points.

Born and raised in New York, this 28-year old poker pro has been playing poker for over ten years now and this is not his first prize at a PokerStars Championship. Six years ago, he banked more than half a million at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Buy-in Super High Roller Event. This year he failed to achieve the same feat at the Bahamas but it did not stop him from grabbing the first prize at $50,000 Single-Day High Roller Event which saw many leading names of poker take part and interestingly the movie star Kevin Hart. The prize winner on Sunday $100,000 Super High Roller event was James Koon who has topped 54 entries and banked the prize of $1,650,300, which is the biggest prize of his career.

PokerStars Championship Bahamas started on January 6 and it has 4 more days to go. It is set at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau and by the time the 9 days of the Championship are over, it will have hosted over 90 tournaments. The Main Event started on Sunday and Day 1 saw James Martyn as the leader on the board with 197,400 chips.

If you want to play some online poker and have a chance at qualifying for some large land based poker tournaments, see the best poker sites available for both international and USA players. Get started playing some online poker and find satellites for larger tournaments starting at just a few dollars.